Wednesday, January 6, 2010

John & Amy

This video was taken in June 2009, right before we received the diagnosis of GAMT. The first video clip is just to show you the little girl Amy. Amy is John's cousin and is about 2 weeks older than John. You can see she is walking around and playing like a normal little girl should be at that age.

The second video clip is of John & Amy playing together. You can see how Amy is able to easily get on her knees and even squat to play with the toy. She is easily able to play with the toy. John is just sitting there and it is hard for him to reach out to play with the toy. He is also still non-verbal and you can see the difference between him & Amy. Amy is babbling a lot like she should be. At the end of the video when we place John closer to the toy you can see how he reaches out to touch it some, but this is still hard for him to do. The way he holds his arm out to the side is to help him stablize himself. All John is able to do at this point (13 months old) is sit when he should be past crawling and he should be walking and babbling like Amy.

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