Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April 2010

Just a quick update. John continues to improve and impress us with his physical skills. He can climb up a ladder at the park and go down the slide, which is a huge accomplishment! And he makes it look so easy, which is even more impressive. His speech is probably still the thing he is behind in the most, but we have started with a new speech therapist and we go there once a week. She is excellent with John and has really done some things with him that I see are helping. John now says "Uh-Oh" for a lot of things. Most of the time he uses it in the right context, but sometimes it is funny because he says it for something that he shouldn't say it for. Other than that he says "Ma-Ma" and it is sounding like he is trying to say "More" sometimes, but it comes out more like "mo."

We are still working on getting his levels straight. His GA level is at 4.2 which is great, but his protein level is still way too low, so I've got to start trying to increase his protein more without going too far over. And his creatine level looks like it still might be too high, but we are getting ready to change when I get the creatine from to a more ph balanced creatine, so they want him to be on that for a month and then to check his levels again.

The new baby seems to be doing great. I am almost 17 weeks now and we found out last week that we are having a baby girl! I'm so excited! We haven't picked out a name yet.

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  1. So excited about the new baby girl! I've been thinking about you a lot lately since I haven't seen any updates. Glad to see John is improving day by day. Hope to hear from you soon!