Friday, June 18, 2010

Learning Puzzles

I am very happy that John is starting to accomplish another big goal in his speech. One thing that they wanted him to start to do is to identify objects. For example, when you show him two things like a "pig" and a "cow" he should be able to pick out which one you ask for. We are working on this almost every day. I bought some refrigerator magnets that are common objects and animals and I hold two of them up and ask him to pick out a certain one. Most of the time he gets it correct and then he goes and puts it on the refrigerator. Also, another big accomplishment is that John is learning how to do puzzles. I would say 80% of the time he puts the "circle, square, rectangle, oval and triangle" in the right spot on the puzzle. He doesn't always get it in because he can't always turn it to match it up and still needs help with this. He also is learning to match his animal puzzle and the past two nights he puts every animal where it should go and then we have a transportation puzzle that he is working on, but this one is a little bit harder.

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