Tuesday, March 8, 2011

John's Words

I was asked recently to make a list of all the words John is now able to say. He has made some great progress recently. Most of these words he still does not say the way we would say them and some are probably only understood by us, but here is his list and a simi interpretation of the sound.

Bye - bye
Hi - ayyee
up - paah
off - aawwf
on - aann
Bubbles - buh buh
pop - paahh
hot - haaah
yes or yeah - aah
Emma (the dog) - EEEEhh (in a loud voice, just like we call to her)
dad - AAAAhhhhd (he yells for him too)
blue - boo
purple - puh puh
Green - eeenn
Please - ease
Help - eeellp (yelling again)

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