Thursday, September 6, 2012

John's 1st day of 4-year old preschool

I think this year John is going to do great in preschool. I'm really excited about his preschool teachers and all the fun things they have planned for him to learn!

I want to capure some of what John is doing and not doing at the beginning of this year, so that hopefully at the end of the school year I can look back to see the progress he has made.

This summer he has started saying the alphabet. He gets to letter H and then skips to W, X, Y, Z  but he is slowly starting to fill in the missing letters. He can count to 14. He knows how to spell "Stop" and "John." He can follow 3 step directions. He can put his flip flops on with a strap in the back, but I think we will need to work on tennis shoes this winter. He can pull up pants with elastic waist and is starting to learn how to put his shirt on. He can brush his teeth. His sentences are so long that I don't even know how many words are in them now! He can cut paper in straight lines.

A few things I hope he'll learn - how to use "He & She" right now he always says him & her. Use more words like "to"  Right now he says, I like play ball. Maybe by the end of the year he'll say "I like to play ball." How to sing a song like "happy birthday." He doesn't push on crayons very hard and has a hard time coloring, so I hope he'll get better at coloring this year.

I can't believe I am sitting here writting out these goals of my hopes and wishes and dreams for him for this year. Not because it's bad to have those for your children, but because I can't believe how far he has already come and how many goals he has already reached and surpassed!